CORK & FORK Travel is a boutique provider of highly-customized independent travel programs. We partner with elite travel advisors, the majority of whom are affiliated with the Virtuoso consortium.

We pride ourselves on the creation and implementation of highly-curated and exceptionally-choreographed travel programs. A key component of our value is our outstanding, proprietary network of handpicked travel experience providers located in selected destinations in Europe and North America.    

While we launched in 2007 with a focus on food/wine and golf travel, travel advisors requested soon thereafter that we expand to offer more general independent programs, which is the largest part of our business today. End clients include couples, families of all ages, honeymooners and small private groups who are celebrating milestones, investing in once-in-a-lifetime experiences or enjoying getaways to familiar or unfamiliar destinations. 

Because our business is fueled entirely by referrals within the travel advisor community, we do not market to the general public and have elected to minimize our web presence to this one page so that we can focus all our energies on creating unforgettable travel memories for travel advisor clients.

Email us at info@corkandfork.net